Make A Dream Board Quickly And Easily

What are dream boards?


Dream boards are a very powerful tool to use in the creation of your reality. They are basically a collage of pictures of your desires. At the soul level most just want to be happy but it is undeniable that certain physical things will enhance happiness. The secret is, in order to get those things you must be happy now. This is why I say

that vision boards work best with “feeling” words. If you take a picture of one of your physical desires (house, car) and attach it to your desired feeling (happy, comfortable) you will draw your desire at lightning speed. This is because 1. your mind is creating in the now and 2. as you associate the feeling with your desire, you are feeling those feelings now. Here I will tell you how to make one in three easy steps!

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How to create a dream board?


1) Think about what you want. Get really clear and specific down to every last detail! It would be a good idea to write it down first. If you are unsure, meditate or pray on it.


2) Start cutting pictures from magazines, print pictures and words from the computer, or use personal pictures. You can make different boards for different subjects or you can make one for your overall life. Put them all together on a poster board. As you do smile! Feel all those lovely feelings as you create your dream board! Oprah has a great tool on her website to create a dream board and you can access it here.


3) Look at the board EVERYDAY, THREE FOUR FIVE TIMES A DAY! Put the board in a place where you will see it often.Looking at it first thing in the morning is a great motivator to set the wheels of creation in motion that same day! As you look at the board make sure you feel all those lovely feelings. Know that all of your desires are on their way to you!

If you try this method I would love to know how it works for you! Please leave a comment below or contact me on facebook.

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