Using The Law Of Attraction: Money

Using the law of attraction for money is much easier than you may think!

Just in case you didn’t know… the law of attraction (LOA) is a universal law just like the law of gravity.  It is the theory that what is inside of you (thoughts and feelings) is what you will attract on the outside (reality). This concept is nothing new, it was a core belief of many indigenous cultures stemming from African/Egyptian teachings.

The most popular use for the LOA these days is to attract money. Here I will provide you with three easy steps to help you apply the law of attraction for money! I have used these techniques and they work very well for me (individual results may vary).

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3 Steps to using the law of attraction for money.

1) Get clear about the amount of money you want (start small). Sit down and really think about what you will do with the money. Visualize you holding the check or cash to help generate the feelings of having that money now!

2) Let it go, have faith, know the money is coming to you, be open and ready to receive that money (you are worthy of it).

3) When the opportunity to make the money arises ACT. When an inspirational idea comes to mind ACT on it!

TIPS: Mantras repeated daily such as “I love money and money loves me” and “I am a money magnet” do wonders!

Money will not buy happiness it can only buy you things to make life easier or funner! Happiness is an inside job!

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