Three Days To Manifesting Financial Abundance

A Master Class in Manifesting Money

Learn Powerful Techniques You Can Use To Attract Financial Abundance Fast!


Imagine having the money for everything you want to buy? That new car. The new house. That first class trip to a tropical destination. To start that business you’ve always wanted. To finally pay off your debts. The peace of mind! The ever so desirable financial freedom!

You’ve been trying to attract abundance in your life but maybe…


  • You’ve been hit with resistance or a blockage.
  • Have manifested something worse in your life.
  • Just can’t seem to manifest the right things.
  • You feel like you’ve been wasting your time.


Or Simply…


  • You’ve been manifesting a bunch of wonderful things but you haven’t been able to manifest the actual income, the money, the cash!

Listen, I’ve been there!

When I was homeless and on welfare is when I first learned about the law of attraction. I wanted it all but I found myself manifesting little things here and there. I manifested a car, improved relationships, a baby. All of which were amazing. However I couldn’t seem to manifest money. I wanted the financial abundance that would give me the freedom I desired! I felt hopeless, like the law of attraction was something made up.

So I got to studying and I got to formulating my plan. In my journey I found that the law of attraction and the art of manifesting goes WAY deeper than what’s told in The Secret. I came up with a formula that finally allowed me to attract financial abundance. As a matter of fact, I manifested a $31,000 inheritance 2 years before I was supposed to receive it. I discovered the law of attraction was DEFINITELY not made up and we can use it to design the life we want!

Being Broke is a Struggle and The Struggle is Not Real!

The Universe is created for us, by us. We can use the light and energy from within to transform any situation we are in. I get it, you may not know how and that’s why knowledge is power. Let me give you the guidance you need to finally manifest financial abundance! If you’re ready, click the button below!

With this financial abundance manifesting formula I was able to manifest the cash to pay for everything. Luxury month long vacations, cars and luxury SUVs, my home, designer clothes and bags, and so much more. I tell you this not to show off, but to show you that if I, coming from welfare and homelessness can do it, so can you!

So what is the formula?

Step One:

Step one is all about getting into the feeling of abundance. It’s about getting your vibe so wealthy and rich that money has no choice but to magnitize itself to you. Faster then ever before!

Step Two:

Step two is all about setting your intention in stone. Letting the Universe know what you want loudly and clearly. Whatever financial abundance looks like for you, we will make it clear!

Step Three:

Step three is all about alignment. One of the least talked about steps among law of attraction gurus. Yet its the most important thing you can do to get on the same frequency as money!

Success Stories

“First, my vibration has felt higher than it has ever before. Already, TODAY simple little things have been manifesting like CRAZY! And FAST! Like at the store, everything I wanted I got! Plus at my job I got some much needed extra CASH! Now onto manifesting bigger and better! Thank you Maryanne!”

Lekeisha Smith

“With the money Maryanne helped me manifest I was able to finally take a much needed vacation. She also helped me manifest an awesome paying job at a very prestigious hospital.”

Inna Futerman

“Maryanne helped me manifest over $13,000 and the money for a new car, now I’m working on the money to buy a house!”

Lauren Moon

Here’s what’s in the Master Class

You will get instant access to all the material for this master class. All material is 100% downloadable so you can listen and read wherever and whenever you please!


3 Audio lessons detailing the three steps of the formula

Printable eBook with all the juicy details of the Formula

Printable workbook so you can work on the formula easily

Plus, You Get Bonuses!!!

FREE Bonus #1: Bust Through Your Abundance Blocks

FREE Bonus #1: Bust Through Your Abundance Blocks

A money mindset audio designed to clear any and all blocks that may be holding you back from abundance!

You get it FREE!

FREE Bonus #2: Mini Money Visualization Meditation

FREE Bonus #2: Mini Money Visualization Meditation

A short but sweet 10 minute money meditation audio that will guide you through your financial abundance journey!

You get it FREE!

It’s time for you to START playing a bigger game and FINALLY live the abundant life you’ve been dreaming of! All of your greatest manifestations await you!

Buy the Three Days To Manifesting Abundance Master Class Now!

If for any reason you would like your money back we will be more than happy to oblige. Simply send us an email within 7 days of and you will be refunded your money!

Frequently Asked Questions

If there is so much value, why charge only $27

This is simply because Maryanne wants to have this class available to everyone who needs it!

How long will I have access to the material?

Forever and ever baby! Once you buy the class, all material is downloadable and printable so you will be able to access them whenever or wherever you like!

Why should I take a chance?

Because the sooner you take the master class, the closer you will be to manifesting financial abundance! The closer you will be to that new car, new home, or first class trip!

What if I am unhappy with the master class?

Simply send us an email within 7 days of your purchase and we will refund your money!

Buy the Three Days To Manifesting Abundance Master Class Now!

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