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Maryanne Elizabeth is a Bestselling Author and Entrepreneur. Maryanne has been dubbed a Manifestation Mentor. She will empower you to manifest the abundant life you dream of! She believes you can have it all – health, wealth, love, AND happiness without having to be “perfect”.

Maryanne helps uncover and clear what’s blocking you from manifesting and gives you the tools needed to manifest with ease!

Maryanne went from homelessness and welfare to a life of travel, abundance, and being a successful business owner. Her mission is to inspire others to live the life they always dreamed of.  Maryanne’s straight forward, practical, and understanding approach has been the foundation of her success.

Now for the real talk!

Now I want to talk to YOU! Like I would talk to my friend. My passion is to be an inspiration for those who need it. For those dreamers who are motivated to get out of their struggle. For those who have a real desire for change. Yet for some reason – some how, intentional manifesting has not worked for them.

If you feel like you’ve been hit with resistance or you can’t seem to attract the right things, you have come to the right place. My purpose is to help you push through that resistance (blocks) and help you manifest an insanly abundant life!

Coming from welfare and homelessness, I know what it’s like to feel depressed and to hit rock bottom. I can relate. However, being in those dark times is what led me seek out answers. It’s what led me here today.

Today, I am in a whole new world from where I started this spiritual journey. I have the money for everything I need and want, I have a luxurious roof over my head, and I drive a top of the line model car. I am in a happy committed relationship for the past 12 years. I have a beautiful 8 year old daughter (after doctors told me I could not have kids). Most importantly I am doing what I love, helping others out of their struggle and into an abundant life.

I believe we do not have to be perfect, we do no have to chase away negative thoughts, we don’t have to put everything on ourselves in order to manifest abundance. I am here to teach you how! Check out my blog for some awesome tips on manifesting. Also check out my shop and resources page for awesome products that will help you manifest abundance easily.

Some fun facts about me:

  • My astrological sign is Cancer.
  • I am an avid pitbull lover!
  • The moon and the ocean give me energy!
  • I didn’t make all my money being a Manifesting Mentor. Before this I have been a collectibles reseller, boutique owner, and business coach all of which were six figure businesses! (So don’t let that limiting belief take over your mind!)

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