Online Marketing Do’s And Don’ts

online marketingHave you ever been caught out there marketing your offers in a “spammy” way without even realizing? I have. I’m not afraid to admit it either because I’ve learned from my mistakes.

With all the false business advice out there, it’s easy to make those mistakes.

Your brand does not have to be the “professional” type, BUT you do have to market your business professionally if you want to be successful.

I wanted to create this post on what really works and doesn’t work when it comes to online¬†marketing.¬†

Here are some online marketing do’s and don’ts so you can market yourself professionally and attract clients the right way!

  • Don’t promote your business through social media messages. Nothing screams scam more than “buy this” in my Inbox! It’s another story if you already know the person well. Never message a cold lead with any offers, free or paid!
  • Do promote your business on your wall, both business and personal pages. Also promote in your groups and others that allow promotion + you’ve built relationships in.
  • Don’t talk about your product or service without knowing who it’s for.
  • Do know who your product or services are for so that you speak directly to and relate to them with your marketing.
  • Don’t do it alone.
  • Do look for peers in Facebook groups and Google+ communities to do joint ventures and joint promotions with.
  • Don’t be shy.
  • Do be open and transparent Let your audience get to know you.
  • Don’t get lost in the noise and follow the crowd.
  • Do find what makes you unique and exude that in your marketing.
  • Don’t give people what you think they need.
  • Do ask people what they need and create your service or product to meet that need.
  • Don’t shamelessly promote your business through Facebook groups!
  • Do share your promos and offers under appropriate posts in groups that you’ve built relationships in.

If you’ve done any of these don’ts, don’t be upset. Whenever people see your offers, it’s a good thing. However when you start doing the do’s you’re marketing efforts will turn into cash! Online marketing can be really tricky and a lot of people are leery of scams.

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What are some of the online marketing don’ts that you’ve done or you’ve seen done before? Let us know below!

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