How I Survived The Most Grueling Launch Ever

grueling launchMy most recent launch was my most grueling launch EVER!

Most of the time when we hear about someone’s launch, we only hear about one side. The money, the leads, the connections. We rarely hear about the flip side. The mishaps that may or may not have happened behind the scenes

Today I’m going to give you the real. I’m going to show you both sides of the coin the good and the bad.

Here’s what made my recent launch of the Business Fabulosity Bootcamp a grueling launch for a me:

  1. In the last week of pre-launch, I caught the stomach flu. Not the 24-hour flu. Nope. The entire week was full of puke, yuck! That meant all those last-minute details were held off till week one of launch mode!
  2. My Facebook ads account was shut down 4 days into launch! Apparently there were a number of reasons why Facebook didn’t like my ads, website, profile, and more. I’ll save the details for another post. But yeah, I had to finish out my launch without Facebook ads.
  3. Texas (the state in which I live) was hammered by thunderstorms and tornadoes the last week of launch. Which meant a horrible internet connection! Taking two hours to upload a video, gritty videos, just overall slow internet.

Despite all of the above mishaps, I still manage to meet my goals! I was also able to gift the Business Fabulosity Bootcamp to some deserving woman and that felt amazing!

I truly believe that my ability to look on the bright side, keeping an open mind, and going with the flow is why I survived this grueling launch!

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Because I didn’t get all upset and give up at every hiccup, I managed to not only survive but thrive during this grueling launch!

  1. Being sick right before my launch allowed me to clear my mind and force me to focus on my body. Even though I was sick I was still in a state of rest the entire week before my launch. Because I was rested this particular week, it allowed me to focus and get to work double time during launch.
  2. Because my Facebook ads account was deactivated I was forced to learn Twitter ads. Don’t get me wrong, I dibbled and dabbled with Twitter ads before but never went all-in. After learning everything I could about Twitter ads with my assistant’s help in 24 hours, I had an ad on Twitter up and running. This yielded great results. About a $1.20 a lead!
  3. Even though the storms slowed down my internet, I was also stuck in the house. Being in the house allowed me to work more hours, provide more value, answer more questions, and in return make more sales.

As you can see; through all the mishaps, I looked on the bright side. I either found a solution or found where I was benefiting! These traits will not only help you during your next launch they will help you have a successful business! This is what I call being innovative and that’s the #1 trait of a successful entrepreneur!
Have you had a grueling launch but pulled through in the end? Let us know in the comments below!

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