Get Clients Consistently With This One Simple System

get clients consistentlyReady to get clients consistently? If you answered yes, I want to let you in on a secret. The key to get clients consistently is to have systems in place that allow you to get clients over and over again.

In this post I will share with you one system that will help you get clients consistently!

But first let me explain. Have you ever heard of a marketing system or a sales funnel? Do they confuse the crap out of you? Don’t worry, they used to confuse me too! They are not as complicated and confusing as they seem, once it’s broken down step by step.

Marketing systems are what keeps my business running and enables me to make six figures a year! If you are serious about taking your business to the next level then you need to have some marketing systems in place. Let me clarify what a marketing system is.

A marketing system and a sales funnel are not the same thing. Although a marketing system includes a sales funnel.

A sales funnel starts at the lead opting in for a free gift and ends with a sale. Not every lead completes the funnel and that’s ok because not everyone is your ideal client. If you picture a funnel, you’ll see that it’s wide at the top and skinny at the bottom. You are essentially squeezing your ideal client out of the bottom.

A marketing system is what keeps that funnel going and working over and over again. If you think of a marketing system, think of a method to keeping the wheel moving for you to get clients consistently.

This infographic is only ONE example of a marketing system to get clients consistently. There are hundreds of variations. Play with it and find the ones that work best for your business! You can also add-on to this system with upsells and downsells!

get clients consistently


Let me break down this system that will allow you to get clients consistently, step by step including the tools that’ll make it happen:

  1. Social Media Post- Create a post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn. Target the post to your ideal clients, tell they a story that will make them click on the link to your opt in page.
  2. Opt In Page- I personally love InstaPage for my landing pages. They are very easy to use and have all the bells and whistles. Make your opt in pages simple and two the point. Don’t overstuff your opt in page with unnecessary junk! Make the freebie you are offering directly related to your service.
  3. Follow Up Email Sequence- You can create a follow up sequence after your lead opts in for their freebie with email automation. There are tons of email automation software out there. For simplicity and ease of use go for Ontraport. For those on a budget go with Mailchimp.
  4. Discovery Call Booking- This is where your going to book a call with those who want to work with you. Both Calendly and Setmore are really cool! You want to be sure to promote the booking link in the middle and end of your follow-up sequence. For example promote the link in email and then again in email 5.
  5. Sales Follow Up- This is the most important part of the system. The art is in the follow-up! Just because someone did not sign up for your call during the email sequence does not mean they don’t want to. They could have forgotten or got distracted. Send an email out a few days after the sequence is over to offer the call again to all those who didn’t sign up. Also follow-up with those who do not sign up for your coaching on the discovery call. If it wasn’t a flat-out no, follow-up via email!
  6. Sales Thank You- To all those who sign up for your services be sure to have a welcome packet with instructions, contracts and payment options ready!

Once you get this system setup, you’ll get clients consistently. Not too complicated once broken down right? If you love this post, you’ll love The Biz Uplevel Club!

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