My Biggest Business Lessons of 2015

lessonLast year I did an article about my biggest business lessons of 2014. The article got such a great response and it helped so many women, I decided to make this an annual thing! One of the best ways to grow your business is to learn from your mistakes. Well, I made a whole bunch of them so you don’t have to!

In this article I make it easy for you, I outline all of my mistakes and highlight what I should have done instead. Avoid these mistakes and 2016 should be a fabulous year for you!

Business Lesson #1: Be Consistent!

As many of you who follow me know, in August of 2015 my mother had to have surgery. I had to hold off on everything in my business including the relaunch of The Business Fabulosity Bootcamp so I could care for her. I wanted everything to slow down so I could focus on my mother and her getting well. I stopped blogging and podcasting, I even slowed way down on social media.

Boy, did things get slow. My income decreased by 50%! Which I still think $20,000 in four months is pretty awesome! I will be doing a free training on that in a month or so. The only reason I was still able to make $5000 a month was because of what I did to prepare for the relaunch of the bootcamp. Be sure to grab some free stuff here so you get the training when it’s available, it’s going to be a good one.

What I should have done instead was create four to five months worth of blog posts and podcast to schedule in advance. This would have kept my followers engaged and given me opportunity to promote my products.

Business Lesson #2: Have an Assistant!

I really don’t know what the hell I was thinking! I think letting my assistant go was one of the worst mistakes I ever made in business. Even my mother (who has no background and business by the way) said I should have just increased her hours which I should have. I know I let my assistant go out of fear. Fear of not being there for my mom and having to work on my business instead, fear of being interrupted while changing her bandages or helping her shower.

In all reality I could have kept my income where it was with a well-trained assistant and a coach in training to take on new clients. The moral of the story is to outsource, outsource as much as you can. This way you’re covered if you have to take time off from your business!

Business Lesson #3 Get Up and Move!

I seriously hurt myself back in June from sitting too long. I was so involved with the relaunch of my bootcamp that I was sitting for 3 to 4 hours straight and this took a huge toll on my back. I developed severe sciatica. I was bedridden for 2 months and it took me 4 months of physical therapy to fully recover.

If you find yourself sitting for 40 minutes, get up! Don’t just get up, STRETCH! When you sit for too long your muscles begin to tighten and cramp. This does serious damage over a long period of time. My physical therapist told me, walking for 30 to 40 minutes a day helps offset the effects of sitting for long periods of time. So get up and move. Walk, stretch, dance! Do what you got to do!business lessons

2015 wasn’t all that bad! Here are some of the highlights!

  • I had an awesomely successful sale of The Business Fabulously Bootcamp in January.
  • I had a wonderful launch of Unlimited High End Clients an Ecourse version of my high end coaching program.
  • I had 10 women join me in my high end program in April which equated to a $30,000 month.
  • I was able to take time off, travel, and take care of my mom for 4 months and still make money.

All in all of 2015 wasn’t too shabby and 2016 promises to be ten times better! What are some of the things you learned in 2015, let me know by adding your comments below!

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