Blogs I Love!

blogs i loveThere are so many amazing women in my industry! They are so fabulous and can really help you grow your business! I want to take this time to show them some love. These are women who inspired me and helped me grow my business to where it is today! Check out these awesome blog posts, you’ll love them!

1) Jenn Scalia- Tips for creating a successful social challenge.

In this post she goes into her top tips for creating a successful challenge. If you want a fun and interactive way to grow your list check it out! Social challenges are also a great way to get yourself visible!

2) Nathalie Lussier- 38 things nobody talks about when launching an online course.

Nat really sheds light on what it takes to sell a course online in this post. # 21 is perfect! It’s so important to focus on you and your stuff and don’t let others intimidate you!

3) Denise DT-  How to track your income to create abundance!

The one and only Luck Bitch! I love tracking my money! Sometimes we have more money than we realize. Track your money and see how much you’re really are making, you just might be surprised.

4) Kamila Gornia- 3 Surprising Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make Around Creating Rapid Growth!

In this post Kamila goes deep to uncover some of the most ever so common myths about marketing your business online. If you want to stop overworking yourself and get to what really makes you money, read this article!

5) Amanda Goldman-Petri- 3 Simple Steps to Consistently Bring In Clients!

I do think finding clients is easy and so does Amanda. That’s why I love this post! When your actions are well planned out, everything else falls into place. Check out this post if you want to make attracting clients so much easier!

I love finding and reading new blogs! If you have a blog post please share it in the comments below! Can’t wait to read them 😉


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